About Us

Mission Statement

To Serve Your Healthcare Needs.

Vision Statement

Cuba Memorial Hospital is a trusted, accessible and focused pillar of our community.

"Exceptionally Good. Surprisingly Close."

Our History

Cuba Memorial Hospital (CMH) opened its doors in Cuba on February 1, 1923 as the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hospital. This regional hospital was built for $30,000.

soldiers and sailors hospital

In 1925, the Corporation of Cuba Memorial Hospital, Inc. was formed and remains today. 

In 1997, Cuba Memorial was designated as a Critical Access Hospital. “Critical Access Hospital” (CAH) is a designation given to certain rural hospitals by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). This designation was created by Congress in the 1997 Balanced Budget Act in response to a string of hospital closures in the 1980’s and early 1990’s.

cuba memorial hospital

The CAH designation is intended to reduce the financial vulnerability of rural hospitals and improve access to rural communities. Not all rural hospitals qualify for CAH status.

So, what was once a “General” hospital in Cuba now exists a Critical Access Hospital that provides services important to our community.

Today, Cuba Memorial Hospital services include Radiology, Laboratory, Urgent Care, Rehabilitation, In-Patient Acute Care Medicine, Palliative Care and Skilled Nursing Care to it's 61 elders who now call CMH home.