Financial Transparency

Patient Pricing

Cuba Memorial Hospital is committed to pricing and billing transparency and has posted below, in machine readable format, the hospital's charge master, a list of standard hospital charges for each service and a list of pharmacy charges. CMH is a critical access hospital and exempt from the diagnostic related group payment system. Therefore, there are no standard charges listed by DRG.

Shoppable and Standard Charges (Machine Readable file) - opens in a new window

CMH's charges are the same for all patients; however, a patient's responsibility will vary depending on many factors. In addition to public programs such as Medicare and Medicaid, there are many health plans and employers that self-insure for employee health benefits. Each of these payers offer a range of coverage products and each coverage product can have a different definition of what is and is not covered, the patients' cost sharing amount (co-payments, deductibles or both) as well as payment methodologies and rules. There is no national standard set of requirements and rules; CMH must follow each plan's specific requirements. In addition, CMH must comply with payers' requirements for pre-authorization, admission notification, and utilization review, all of which impact the patients’ ultimate financial responsibility.

Standard Pharmacy Charges - xls file

Should patients have questions and concerns about prices or bills, please call 716-375-7331.